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About Us

Hello! We are Boldwish

India’s first online store to sell replica products of all kind (Since 2015).

Just don’t take our words check yourself here. The oldest / Most trusted / with most wide collection of products to choose from online store with a dedication to customer satisfaction.

We don’t sell any Original products. We sell high quality products which look similar to the originals.

We don’t confuse our buyers by saying a copy products as original.

With our high quality replicas you can make yourself look bold and stylish without spending lakhs of rupees. is located at New Delhi.

Here is our history.

2015 Apr   –  Started with selling offline
2015 Nov  –  Started our website with the name with our only category first copy watches for men

2016 Jan   –  Completed our First 100 Orders
2016 Jul    –  Introduced First copy watches for women’s.
2016 Aug  –  Completed 500 Orders
2016 Nov  –  We are 1 Year Old. Celebration time. Introduced our new website Look.

2017 May  –  Changed our domain name from to for some security reasons.

2018 Feb   –  Introduced our legendary category First copy bags for ladies.
2018 Dec   –  Delivered 10K Orders. Started growing our inventory.

2019 Jan    – Took our office and warehouse. (yes, till this time we operated from our home office)
2019 Apr   –  Our domain taken away from us. Sad!
2019 May  –  We restarted our website with the old domain name but this time with more control so no one could take our domain from us. we learn from our past.
2019 Sep   –  Introduced category First copy stoles, yey it’s winter. and yes also First copy belts.

2020 Jan    –  Delivered 20K Orders. Yey. achievement.
2020 July   –  They took our hosting this time. But we got back with a more privately-owned place for our website.
2020 Aug   –  Introduced More categories for you guys. First copy shoes for men, first copy shoes for women & First copy airpods
2020 Nov   –  Finally 🙂 We are 5 years old. And we added a big warehouse for our increasing inventories. (Remember we already got an office-cum-warehouse already). Thanks for all your trust and support.

2021 Jan   – Introduced First copy sunglasses and first copy jewelry.
2021 Apr   –  This time our web URL got blocked for access in India. Yes, that’s why you can’t access from india (but you can access it from any other country). Work around we launched so you guys can shop.
2021 Jul    – completed 30K Orders and 20K+ people trusted us. thanks to all of you.

…. and this is our history and it will continue.


  • Quality: We committed to provide best quality products. At any circumstances. If a product not qualify in our quality we make it unavailable. Whatever we have are Best in quality.
  • Support: Customers are most important part of any business. If you got any questions or concerns before or after your purchase please don’t hesitate to contact us. We provide a wide range of methods to get in touch with our customers, including support over phone call, mail, on website chat, whatsapp, messenger, instagram etc.
  • Warranty: We provide 1 year warranty on our watches & 6 months warranty on our bags (Please read TOS for more details)
  • Price: Guaranteed lowest price for the high quality watches we provide. Perfect Value for the money. (We Guarantee a higher quality than others)
  • Security: Boldwish is the most secured 1st copy watches online store in India. We spend money for our customers data security. We implemented SSL all over our website. Use ccavenue to process all card payments. adding to that we have McAfree Security layer securing all us.
  • Delivery: We partnered with India’s all major shipping companies like Fedex, Delhivery etc etc to deliver our products to widest pin codes and as soon as possible. We provide Free Shipping on all our orders.

We value every small thing and your Trust.

we are delhi based, feel free to contact us to know more about us.

we care about customers security so we incorporated many layers of security to keep everything safe. Our store is SSL secured. Click here to know why SSL is important (in 45 secs from this youtube video)! Other than that we receive payment by CCAVENUE (most trusted payment gateway of India). and there are many more.

For any other queries you can mail us at [email protected] or contact us.

will love to know about you and your choice of fashion. Just drop us a message on our Instagram (@boldwish.official).

you can contact us for bulk orders or for reselling. Let’s talk. 🙂

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